Lisa has qualifications in chemotherapy administration, haematology and bone marrow transplantation. Lisa is a Nurse Prescriber and will be completing her Masters in 2015.  


This is a new role for cancer services at University College Hospital London and therefore the potential is vast and very exciting. I am really enjoying being able to develop services which have the prospect to improve the patient experience. The team at UCLH have been so welcoming and really receptive of new ideas. I also enjoy collaborating with colleagues and creating new nurse-led services

I am inspired by the patients and their families I meet every day, especially those going through their exams whilst on treatment. I am amazed when I speak to these young people about how much they are trying to juggle whilst trying to get better. I remember doing my A-Levels. I think they were harder than my degree and masters and I am amazed about how dedicated patients are to keep on track with their studies.  


I have come from an adult cancer care background so this is the first time I have worked with the Teenage Cancer Trust. You can see the impact that Teenage Cancer Trust have the moment you walk onto the unit. The facilities and support are great and respond to the needs of the patient. I have been working with another funded staff member called Sarah who is a Youth Support Coordintaor. She has been fantastic at helping patients get through uncomfortable procedures and made my job so much easier.