Based at the Christie Hospital in Manchester, the team leads on research into why young people get cancer and how best to treat it.

Professor John Radford

Chair of Teenage and Young Adult Cancer Medicine

John leads and provides overall strategic direction for the Teenage Cancer Trust research programme in Manchester. He liaises closely with other Teenage Cancer Trust funded staff and the Clinical Director of the Young Oncology Unit, Dr Mike Leahy. John’s main research interests are developing new and innovative treatments for Hodgkin and non-Hodgkin lymphoma, late effects of treatment and individualised medicine approaches.


Dr Martin McCabe

Clinical Senior Lecturer in Paediatric Oncology

Martin has as a particular interest in sarcoma and brain cancer and leads a laboratory and clinical research programme in these fields. The problems faced by young people with these cancers are directly linked to Martin’s research that is designed to both improve standard treatments and introduce novel treatments targeted on molecular abnormalities in the tumour.

Miss Rachel Campsey

Teenage Cancer Trust Research Nurse

Rachel supports the clinical trials activity in the teenage and young adult population at the Christie. She sees young people diagnosed with cancer and provides information about relevant clinical trials and other research studies. She also administers some of the medication and supports and provides advice to patients throughout their treatment. She has a personal research interest in fertility issues in this age group. 

Dr Kate Vaughan

Manchester Teenage Cancer Trust Programme Manager

Kate is the scientific administrator for the research programme funded by the charity hosted in Manchester. Kate’s role comprises pre- and post-award grant and financial management, project management and Human Resource functions.

Kate also leads the Higher Education Teenage and Young Adult cancer awareness package "Sometimes It’s Cancer" (SIC) alongside Teenage Cancer Trust’s education team. Of this work Kate says: 

I love this element of my role and am always inspired by healthy students who volunteer to support the campaign as well as meeting students who have been affected by cancer or who have heard our messages at various events and return to let us know how we influenced them to get checked out by their GP.