Types of cancer

Find out about the most common cancers diagnosed in teenagers and young adults. Find out more ›

Treatment: what toexpect

Cancer treatment is different for everyone, but there are certain things you may experience as doctors and nurses work to get you better. Learn more ›

A young person'sguide to cancer

Young people with cancer told us what they wish they'd known when they were diagnosed, so we worked with them to create this great guide. Read our guide ›

Hannah's story

"If you’d told me I was going to get cancer, I wouldn’t have believed you. Cancer didn’t happen to people like me." Meet Hannah ›

Who can I talk to?

If you think you might have cancer, talking about it can be tough - but the people who care about you will want to know what's on your mind. Find out more ›

Why did I getcancer?

Getting cancer is definitely not your fault. But there are lots of myths out there about how cancer is caused. Read more ›