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Coronavirus (Covid-19) advice for young people with cancer Read our information ›

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Advice and resources for young people and families affected by cancer. Read our advice ›

Worried aboutcancer?

The five most common signs of cancer in young people are pain, a lump or bump, extreme weight loss, extreme tiredness and changes in a mole. Find out more ›

How we can help

Whatever you’re going through right now, you're not alone. Support is always available, whether you have cancer, you’re worried about cancer or someone you know has been given a cancer diagnosis. Get help ›

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Events andchallenges

Jumping out of a plane? Easy. Abseiling a 100ft drop? No problem. Take on a challenge and raise money for Teenage Cancer Trust! Get stuck in ›

Bonnie Tyler &Lorraine Crosbyrelease charitysingle

Rock legends Bonnie Tyler and Lorraine Crosby have come together to release the song 'Through Thick and Thin (I'll Stand By You)' for Teenage Cancer Trust! Check it out ›

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We are inspired to see our friends in the music industry taking a stand against racism and injustice. Today we are…